1:34: Steven Jackson cuts outside right, boogies for 23 yards. Does anyone in the NFL consistently run any harder than this guy, while playing for a crappy time? The guy’s a horse.

1:34: Jay Alford gets some playing time at NT. Promptly runs into the center, 5-yd penalty.

1:32: Now Seabass misses wide left from 46 yards, kicking from right around where A’s second baseman Mark Ellis is usually stationed.

1:31: Rams CB Bradley Fletcher will never have an easier interception opportunity. But he dropped Jason Campbell’s throw over the middle.

1:30: Tale of two receivers… Heyward-Bey loses one down left sideline (he may have been interfered with), then Murphy barely gets feet in for 27 yards at right sideline.

1:27: Misleading stats… Bradford 3 of 3 for 66 yards, a 118.8 rating. Only one of the three completions was at all impressive, and he’s holding the ball too long.

1:26: Josh Brown from 36 yards — wide right. Not exactly Ali vs. Frazier out here today.

1:24: Third-and-goal from 5 after two short running plays. Bradford holds too long and Lamarr Houston dumps him back at 18-yard line.

1:23: First-and-goal Rams at Raiders’ 6-yard line.

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