1:49: Campbell overthrows DHB on fly route. Heyward-Bey wants a flag, but I don’t think it was catchable.

1:47: No one near Marcel Reece in short zone. Campbell finds him and he trucks for 19. Third-and-1: Campbell pumps and hits Zach Miller over middle for first down. Nice play.

1:47: Howie’s boy Chris Long thumps McFadden for no gain.

1:46: Veldheer’s first snap: he holds a rusher by the shirt. Mario Henderson looks healthy on Raiders sidelines, by the way.

1:45: Jared Veldheer in at LT for Raiders.

1:40: Play-action, Clayton wide open behind Branch, Bradford finds him for TD. Scattered boos as Rams go up 6-0; XP makes it 7-0 Rams. Oh, boy. The Raiders couldn’t actually lose to this team, could they?

1:39: Bradford beats rush again — he’s doing a better job now — and finds Jackson, who shakes Rolando McClain’t tackle and gains 24.

1:38: Bradford barely gets flare pass away. Carney has to stretch for it and falls to turf.

1:36: Rams first-and-10 at Raiders’ 36-yard line

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