2:24: McFadden catches in right flat, gets out of bounds with 29 seconds left.

2:24: Another CampbellScramble, 8 yds this time

2:23: Third-and-8, Miller catches short and leaves 3 Rams in his wake on way to first down.

2:21: Mario Henderson back in at LT. McFadden can’t get out of traffic on screen pass, Campbell throws it into grass. Next play, Campbell drops it when a Ram bumps him from behind; QB picks it up and flees for 2 yards. Here come more boos.

2:20: Draw to Kenneth Darby, LB Thomas Howard makes first contact. Three-yard loss, and JL Higgins back to receive punt. He goes nowhere.

2:17: Bradford just beats Lamarr Houston’s rush. Short completion makes it 3rd-and-16 as Nnamdi is shaken up. He jogs off and is replaced by (gulp) Jeremy Ware.

2:15: Great catch on slant by Laurent Robinson (vs. Nnamdi), but Amendola’s offensive PI wipes it out.

2:14: 3rd-and-4 resumed, with Raiders in nickel — Chris Johnson as fifth DB, McClain and Thomas Howard the LBs. Bradford to Amendola beats Routt for FD, and Nnamdi gives his younger teammate a lecture.

2:11: Rams 3rd-and-4 from their 32-yd line, official timeout for 2-minute warning.

2:06: James Hall runs around Veldheer to knock ball out of Campbell’s hands. Veldheer falls on fumble, and Janikowski followed with 38-yd field goal. Rams 7, Raiders 3.

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