3:17: Groves limps off after getting ankle twisted in pile. Doesn’t look too bad. Meanwhile, 3rd-and-5 for Rams, and Bradford throws inc to Clayton.

3:15: Raiders are punting on fourth-and-short. I think it’s the right call. Silver and Black has the momentum now; you don’t want to give that up.

3:14: Screen doesn’t work (again), and Grad has to throw it into infield dirt. Third-and-8 from Raiders’ 46: Grad finds Murphy, but he’s a half-yard short.

3:13: Is this really DHB? A catch, a broken tackle, a move, and 33 yds.

3:12: Raiders take over at 11-yd line, with Barnes in as 3rd tackle.

3:11: Suddenly, Jackson isn’t finding those holes. Third-and-9: Scott and Wimbley sandwich Bradford from opposite ends and throws goes off line, incomplete.

3:09: Kelly hit with unnecessary roughness, Rams get first down instead of 3rd-and-9.

3:08: Desmond Bryant leads wave of Raiders who swallow Jackson for 1-yd loss.

3:07: Quentin Groves absolutely destroys Gilyard on kick return, even as he fights off a block. Gilyard woozy, Raiders fans delirious.

3:04: Third-and-goal from St. Louis 4-yd line… rush coming, Grad throws off back foot and hits Murphy for TD in front of Black Hole. The crowd is eating it up.

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