3:32: Dangerous pass on third-and-5, too much in front of Murphy — and fortunately in front of Jerome Murphy.

3:31: Quick toss left to McFad nets 6. This has always looked like his best play (second one today for decent yardage).

3:30: First-and-10 from Rams’ 11, McFadden just a yard up the middle.

3:29: Third-and-3 from Rams’ 25. Grad finds Murphy sitting in a seam in middle of field, 14 yds and another first down.

3:26: McFadden up to 111 yards now. This is just his second 100-yd day, the other being 164-yd breakout vs. KC in second NFL game.

3:24: Weird play. Larry Grant bats Grad’s pass, nearly picks it off. In the aftermath, OJ Atogwe called for dubious roughing-passer penalty even as Atogwe comes up limping.

3:23: Only 3 yards for McFadden on last run, but took two nice cuts to get there.

3:23: McFad up to 99 rushing yards.

3:22: McFadden lowers his shoulder into Dahl, gets first down and sends trainers out for Dahl. The guy is really running hard this year.

3:21: Rams LT Rodger Safford has a back injury; his return is questionable.

3:20 pm: What a difference a quarter makes. The Raiders look invigorated behind Bruce Gradkowski. He’s making plays, and the defense has tightened up considerably, especially against the run.

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