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Gene Upshaw: remembering a Raiders legend

The NFL lost one of its giant personalities today when Gene Upshaw succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 63. Upshaw, like former coach John Madden, is one of those rare sports figures to gain renown in two completely different roles. From 1967 through 1981, Upshaw was one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. And from 1983 until his death, he attracted an even larger spotlight as executive director of the NFL Players Association. The latter role… Read More »

Terdell Sands, long-distance runner

Coach Lane Kiffin has talked about the fine shape that defensive tackle Terdell Sands is in, at least compared to last season, and Sands himself has seconded the notion. I admit to being skeptical. Watching the behemoth perform during training camp, I’ve thought he looks winded at times, and he hasn’t really stood out with a lot of dynamic plays. Give Sands his due, though. When Stanford Routt picked off J.T. O’Sullivan’s errant pass early in the second quarter, then… Read More »