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Let’s talk Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame released its preliminary list of 2009 Hall nominees yesterday, and I count 19 former Raiders on the list. Don’t get too excited ” the Hall begins with a fairly inclusive register of 133 modern-era names, including the likes of Larry Centers, Rich Camarillo and Frank Wycheck. These names will be winnowed to 25 semifinalists, then 15 finalists (plus two seniors). Anyway, the 19 ex-Raiders include six players who were better known for their work… Read More »

Higgins’ kickoff play, and other bad memories

Johnnie Lee Higgins was the toast of the Bay Area airwaves Monday. Actually, he was just toast. The second-year speedster was roundly lambasted for fielding a kickoff and running directly out of bounds at the 2-yard line in the second quarter. “He just really lost focus at that moment, knowing where he’s at,” coach Tom Cable said. “The trajectory of the ball and everything, it would have at least probably carried in through the end zone if not out of… Read More »

A terrible day for Cable

My highly self-touted Comcast digital cable went out this morning, forcing me to miss most of the visuals of a disastrous first half for the Raiders. I listened to Greg Papa and Tom Flores, who sounded downright depressed as they called the game for KSFO Of course, it wasn’t such a great day for Tom (Non-digital) Cable, either. He experienced his second road game as Raiders interim coach, and it was a lot like his first ” a sound whipping… Read More »

Next up to trash Al Davis: Elway

Rich Gannon took some potshots at Al Davis recently, and Raiders fans took umbrage. Well, at least Tim Brown did. Now another famed quarterback is blasting the Raiders. And while it may be perceived as less treacherous, John Elway’s words in the most recent issue of The Sporting News are even stronger than Gannon’s. Here is a sampling of what Elway wrote in his column: “JaMarcus Russell’s only chance at NFL success is to get out of Oakland. OK, maybe… Read More »

Ray Lewis, god of run defense

The Baltimore Ravens have a formidable defense this season, and are nearly impossible to run against. Opponents are averaging a pathetic 67.2 yards per game on the ground against the Ravens this season, and only 2.8 per carry. And what, this is news? Next we’ll be reporting that Pacman Jones is in legal trouble, or breaking into newscasts with an urgent bulletin about tortilla chips going great with salsa. Year after year after freakin’ year, Baltimore fields a ferocious defense,… Read More »

More from the Jets game

Sometimes there are just too many observations to fit into one or two sports sections. Here is a helping of “leftovers” from the Jets game. The Raiders were supposed to have a three-headed monster in backfield, but one of the heads is missing. Justin Fargas ran for 74 yards on 28 carriers against New York. Darren McFadden had 89 yards from scrimmage. And Michael Bush? He got into the game for one punt return, subbing after Ricky Brown got tired… Read More »

But wait, the coach (yawn) had called a timeout (yawn) before the kick!

I heard a good line on the Jim Rome show driving to Raiders headquarters this morning. Someone had e-mailed Rome to say: “Of course calling a timeout just before your opponent kicks a field goal is a good idea. Signed, A Pitcher’s Throw to Third Base Before He Checks the Runner on First.” There is a difference. That fake throw to third NEVER works. Making a kicker boot it twice should work in your favor, on average, 25 percent of… Read More »

The real hero of Favre’s previous game in Oakland: Javon Walker

Brett Favre’s performance against the Raiders on Dec. 22, 2003, has become part of the quarterback’s legend, right up there with a Super Bowl win and his memorable jawing sessions with Warren Sapp. About 24 hours after his father, Irvin, died at the wheel in Mississippi, Favre overcame his grief to pass for 399 yards and four touchdowns in a 41-7 Monday-night victory at Oakland. The commitment Favre showed to his teammates that night was undeniable, as was his leadership… Read More »

Today’s questions (and answers)

Tom Cable is 0-1 as Raiders coach, his team admittedly failed to deliver the necessary effort at New Orleans last week, and Brett Favre and the Jets are coming to town. So, yeah, we’ve got some questions: Is Michael Huff the next Derrick Gibson?It’s still too early to label Huff a bust. Remember, Nnamdi Asomugha himself, now the savior of the Raiders’ secondary, was considered a huge disappointment as he headed into his fourth season. Huff is in his third,… Read More »

Al wouldn’t fire two coaches in one season… would he?

OK, picture the following doomsday scenario – and it shouldn’t be hard, considering doomsday is never more than a month away on Al Davis’ perpetual calendar. The Raiders’ unwatchable 34-3 loss at New Orleans is not an aberration or a temporary tripped hurdle. Lacking Lane Kiffin’s energy and edginess, the Raiders flounder under new coach Tom Cable. Things are as bad as they have been in the post-Gruden years: The pass defense gets shredded by Brett Favre, JaMarcus is sacked… Read More »