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JaMarcus adds an exclamation point

Not to rekindle the JaMarcus Russell debate that raged here a couple weeks ago – well, OK, not just to rekindle that debate – but the kid QB turned in another impressive performance, this time on the road at Tampa Bay. In his final three games, against the Patriots (No. 4 in the NFL against the pass), Texans (No. 17) and Buccaneers (No. 11), Russell completed a total of 49 passes in 77 attempts for 626 yards, with six touchdowns… Read More »

Darren McFadden will knock your face off

It’s pretty much impossible to watch all 11 players on a given team during the course of a football game. Even a coach can’t really gauge his players’ performances until watching film the next day. Tom Cable knew halfback Darren McFadden had a pretty good day against the Texans – 12 carries for 46 yards, five catches for 51 yards. After reviewing the tape, though, he saw what he called “one of the greatest plays I’ve seen all year.” “There’s… Read More »

Could Raiders rain on Gruden’s parade?

It truly has been a woebegone season for Al Davis. His big free-agent signings drew offseason headlines and even praise, but later descended into disaster. Lane Kiffin tormented him; and though Davis fired back with the most entertaining press conference in history, Kiffin recently upped the ante by stealing an assistant coach. The Raiders have been dreadful on the field again, setting new standards for ineptitude. Tom Cable has said all the right things, but has mostly done the wrong… Read More »

Crisis at wide receiver, Day 145

In case you missed it, wide receivers Ronald Curry and Ashley Lelie both missed practice Friday, and interim coach Tom Cable said both are doubtful for Sunday’s game against the Texans. This means ” and I hesitate even to type the words ” that the Raiders’ receiving corps vs. Houston is likely to consist, in its entirety, of Johnnie Lee Higgins, Chaz Schilens, Todd Watkins and Johnathan Holland. Add those career catches, folks, and you should come up with 28.… Read More »

Kiffin-Raiders feud finds another gear

A couple weeks ago, I suggested that Lane Kiffin might try to poach the Raiders’ staff of assistant coaches for his University of Tennessee program. I just didn’t realize he’d begin so quickly. Monday, Tom Cable began his usual day-after press conference by announcing that assistant offensive line coach James Cregg had bolted to Knoxville. Cable, who said he got a phone call from Cregg on Sunday night, was clearly steamed. “You’ve got to understand offensive linemen,” Cable said. “This… Read More »

Roger & Us

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was one of the unlucky few who witnessed the Raiders’ beat-down at the hands of the New England Patriots. Goodell wandered into the press room to speak with reporters at halftime, addressing the economy, Al Davis, and the sorry state of Bay Area football stadiums, among other topics. Here is a full transcript: WHY ARE YOU HERE TODAY? “I try to get around to every stadium every couple of years. I haven’t been out here yet,… Read More »

Tim Brown wants to be your liaison

Tim Brown is lobbying again. The man who pleaded for pass interference on practically every pass he didn’t catch wants to return to the Raiders in an official capacity. Brown said so a couple months ago, and he went into more detail Thursday on the SIRIUS NFL Radio show “Movin’ the Chains,” hosted by Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan. “What I’m saying is whether they bring me back in some kind of partial consultant role or Jim Plunkett or one… Read More »

The worst offseason ever?

First of all, we had some great comments (sloppy spelling aside) on JaMarcus Russell. Obviously, this guy is touching a nerve in Raider Nation; it’s fascinating to see the wide range of opinions on the second-year QB. I tackled one question and added one reply in the JaMarcus comments below. Today, coach Tom Cable announced that Mario Henderson will replace Kwame Harris at left tackle vs. the Patriots. Over the past six weeks, these two O-linemen have more or less… Read More »

Passing judgment on JaMarcus

The game wasn’t even seven minutes old when LaDainian Tomlinson, who has made a career out of ripping the Raiders to shreds, took a 3-yard run into the end zone for a 10-0 Chargers lead. After a commercial break, the NFL Network cameras showed Tomlinson clearly mouth the words “that was easy” on the San Diego bench. The scoring play was easy, the game was easy, the prediction was easy for anyone who has seen these teams play over the… Read More »

Raiders’ wide receivers: historically bad

That was quite a showing by the Raiders’ wide receivers on Sunday. Ronald Curry caught a hitch pass four yards behind the line of scrimmage and quickly sneaked a lateral to halfback Darren McFadden to complete a hook-and-ladder play. And that was it. One catch for no yards. Thanks for coming. And don’t forget to throw your sparkly-clean receivers’ gloves to the equipment staff. The Chiefs game was an extreme, but it neatly summarized the Raiders’ receiving corps in 2008.… Read More »