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Center position still wide open

Not much going on in Raiderland today, other than contrition and wound-licking in the wake of Saturday’s 45-7 loss. The one development that may be classified as a surprise, courtesy of Tom Cable: there is still open competition at center. Samson Satele has taken virtually all the first-team reps in OTAs and training camp, appearing for all the world like the opening-day starter. But after practice, Cable said “there’s definitely competition there.” Part of the picture is John Wade finally… Read More »

Does Hanson have a broken jaw?

To hear some tell it, we know that Randy Hanson must have broken a bone somehow; if he hadn’t, Queen of the Valley Medical Center would not have contacted the police. But can we be sure?
I asked an official at Queen of the Valley about the hospital’s policy, and this is what he told me.
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