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Live blog: Raiders 16, Rams 7

4:08: The Taking of the Knee has begun in Oakland. So what if it’s the Rams, a win is a win, and this game ball goes to Bruce Gradkowski. 4:07: Two-minute warning, Raiders first-and-10 at Rams’ 40 4:05: McFad slips one tackle, almost another — 10 yds 4:05: Grad is Favre-like off his back foot, finds Murphy for 14 yds and first down at midfield. 2:46 on the clock. 4:04: McFadden stiff-arm puts Hall on the ground, but only 2… Read More »

Live blog: Raiders up 13-7 as 4th Q starts

3:32: Dangerous pass on third-and-5, too much in front of Murphy — and fortunately in front of Jerome Murphy. 3:31: Quick toss left to McFad nets 6. This has always looked like his best play (second one today for decent yardage). 3:30: First-and-10 from Rams’ 11, McFadden just a yard up the middle. 3:29: Third-and-3 from Rams’ 25. Grad finds Murphy sitting in a seam in middle of field, 14 yds and another first down. 3:26: McFadden up to 111… Read More »

Live blog: Raiders 13, Rams 7

3:17: Groves limps off after getting ankle twisted in pile. Doesn’t look too bad. Meanwhile, 3rd-and-5 for Rams, and Bradford throws inc to Clayton. 3:15: Raiders are punting on fourth-and-short. I think it’s the right call. Silver and Black has the momentum now; you don’t want to give that up. 3:14: Screen doesn’t work (again), and Grad has to throw it into infield dirt. Third-and-8 from Raiders’ 46: Grad finds Murphy, but he’s a half-yard short. 3:13: Is this really… Read More »

Live blog: Rams 7, Raiders 6

3:02: Grad keeps up the middle, planted by Na’il Diggs. 3:01: One of McFadden’s best plays as a Raider. Two quick jukes near the line and he takes off for 31 yds. First-and-goal at the Rams’ 4, and Raiders hit with delay of game. Ouch. 3:00: McFadden gets around left edge, puts shoulder into Laurinaitis, 9 yds. 2:58: Miller hit hard by Dahl over middle, but holds on for 23-yd gain. Miller shaken up but leaves field under own power.… Read More »

Live blog: Rams 7, Raiders 3 in 3rd Q

2:46: Grad escapes James Hall’s rush, throws it away. A capable play, but need some blocking out of that LT position. 2:44: Gradkowski strike to Murphy on skinny post, 26 yds. Very nice. 2:43: Murphy lures CB Ron Bartell into personal foul after play. Could be candidate for Golden Globe award. 2:42: Grad finds DHB again, for first down. Three catches is career high. 2:42: That’s DHB’s 2nd catch of the day, equaling his career high! 2:41: Look who’s in… Read More »

Live blog: Rams 7, Raiders 3 at halftime

What a dismal first half. The Rams looked bad and the Raiders looked worse. Weak pass protection, up-and-down quarterback play, penalties and missed field goals. The difference? St. Louis has Steven Jackson, who has 112 yards from scrimmage (of the Rams’ 186) at halftime. Some Oakland stats for you… 8 first downs, 59 rushing yards, 69 net passing yards Campbell: 8 of 15 for 87 yards and 1 INT; passer rating = 42.9 McFadden: 10 carries, 38 yards, plus 2… Read More »

Live blog: Rams 7, Raiders 3

2:24: McFadden catches in right flat, gets out of bounds with 29 seconds left. 2:24: Another CampbellScramble, 8 yds this time 2:23: Third-and-8, Miller catches short and leaves 3 Rams in his wake on way to first down. 2:21: Mario Henderson back in at LT. McFadden can’t get out of traffic on screen pass, Campbell throws it into grass. Next play, Campbell drops it when a Ram bumps him from behind; QB picks it up and flees for 2 yards.… Read More »

Live blog: Rams 7, Raiders 0

2:06: Rams bring pressure, Campbell throws it over Reece’s head. 2:04: Campbell misses Murphy over the middle, but Rams S Craig Dahl flagged for hitting defenseless receiver. First-and-10 Raiders at Rams’ 11. 2:01: Punt bounces back toward Rams AND illegal chop block. Great opportunity for Raiders as they set up at St. Louis 29-yard line. 2:00: Third-and-7, Bradford wants Danny Amendola, good coverage by Routt, the QB throws it away. 1:58: Rams take over at their 7-yard line. 1:55: ILB… Read More »

Live Raiders blog: 0-0 after first quarter

1:49: Campbell overthrows DHB on fly route. Heyward-Bey wants a flag, but I don’t think it was catchable. 1:47: No one near Marcel Reece in short zone. Campbell finds him and he trucks for 19. Third-and-1: Campbell pumps and hits Zach Miller over middle for first down. Nice play. 1:47: Howie’s boy Chris Long thumps McFadden for no gain. 1:46: Veldheer’s first snap: he holds a rusher by the shirt. Mario Henderson looks healthy on Raiders sidelines, by the way.… Read More »

Live Raiders blog: Rams driving

1:34: Steven Jackson cuts outside right, boogies for 23 yards. Does anyone in the NFL consistently run any harder than this guy, while playing for a crappy time? The guy’s a horse. 1:34: Jay Alford gets some playing time at NT. Promptly runs into the center, 5-yd penalty. 1:32: Now Seabass misses wide left from 46 yards, kicking from right around where A’s second baseman Mark Ellis is usually stationed. 1:31: Rams CB Bradley Fletcher will never have an easier… Read More »